About the Taipei hostel

The Taipei hostel is one of the most well known and popular hostels in all of Taiwan. The Taipei hostel first opened its doors back in 1974. Back then, it was the first youth hostel in all of Taiwan. This isn't surprising considering the island was under martial law at the time. Tourism was practically non-existent.

Since then, the Taipei hostel's worldwide reputation has only grown as tens of thousands of visitors have passed through its doors.

One of the reasons the Taipei hostel has been so successful is because it is very centrally located in the heart of beautiful downtown Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. The Taipei Hostel is a short walk away from many exciting landmarks scattered throughout the city as well as the very convenient subway of the city.
That fact coupled with the knowledge that this is the cheapest hostel in Taipei and still clean everyday with cosy facilities makes Taipei hostel so attractive.

The Chang Kai Shek memorial and park is a five minute walk away. Asia World department store, the Taipei Main Train Station, Shaodow Temple, as well as many nightmarkets and restaurants are all within walking distance.

The staff and guests at the Taipei hostel will be happy to help you get around the city and around Taiwan in general.

Everyone knows that Taiwan is an economic powerhouse. It's GDP ranks it as the 14th largest economy in world. Not bad, considering you can fly from one end of the island to the other in less than an hour. But what isn't known is that there is a lot to do and see in Taiwan.

It is the goal of this website to help educate the world as to all the amazing things that you can see and do in Taiwan and in Taipei as well.